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Sociology and family…read more

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Defining family
· Kinship ­ family through marriage/blood
· Allan and Crow 2001 ­ more complex because
of divorce, cohabitation and remarriage
· Jordan et al 1994 ­ partnership and
parenthood often characterise what people
perceive to be a family…read more

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Nuclear family
· Leach 1967- `cereal packet image' of the
perfect nuclear family portrayed in the media
· Barrett and McIntosh 1982 ­ nuclear family
ideology devalues, alternative ways of living
and ignores the `dark' side that family life may
· Smart 1999 ­ monogamous married couple =
stability…read more

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Importance of extended family
· Brannen 2003 ­ grandparents play important
part in contemporary families, offering
childcare and financial support
· McGlone et al 1996 used data from the BSA to
show that meeting with extended family is
frequent even if the family doesn't live in an
extended family household…read more

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Functionalism and family
· `organic analogy' ­ each institution has a function like
the organs within the body
· Murdoch outlined these functions
· Economic: family needs to produce money to provide
for each other
· Educational: the family is an agent of primary
· Sexual: partners are sexually fulfilled by each other
and monogamy keeps society stable
· Reproductive: families reproduce children which
keeps human race going…read more

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