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For people who want legal advice, there are 3 main problems.
Lack of knowledge
Fear of dealing with lawyers

Access to Justice:

If people cannot get the help they need, then they are being denied access to justice.
Access to justice involves both an open system of justice and…

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The Community Legal Service Fund:

Set amount of money each year
Over £2.2 billion
Most will be spent on criminal cases, some goes to deal with civil cases.
There is a cap on amount given. Cannot take an unlimited amount of money from the budget.
Once it runs out, there…

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This rule means that people are regarded as having too much disposable capital because of
the value of their house, but in reality they have no spare money.

Advice in civil cases:

The CLS provides various services to make sure that advice is readily available.
One example is a telephone…

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Boundary disputes
Making of wills
Matters involving trust law
Most cases of defamation/malicious falsehood
Company/partnership law.
Covers County Court, High Court and appeal courts.
Small claims cannot receive funding.
Most tribunal cases will not receive aid (Mental Health tribunals will)
Where cases involve liberty of the individual, funding is available.…

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