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Functionalism and the Family…read more

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George Murdock's functions of the
· limiting sexual relationships to just one
person if you are married. This will prevent
· Unit of consumption. We buy products
from companies and use them…read more

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· The family is the main unit for reproduction.
Without reproduction society would cease to
· Family is largely responsible for primary
socialisation ­ 1st and most important part of
socialisation process, without it there would be
no culture…read more

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Murdock believes that the nuclear family
performs these vital functions
· "no society has succeeded in finding an
adequate substitute for the nuclear family,
to which it might transfer these functions.
It is highly doubtful whether any society will
ever succeed in such an attempt"…read more

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Talcott Parsons
· Parsons believes that the families
functions have become more specialised
· Claims that there are two very basic
1. Primary Socialisation
2. The Stabilisation of Adult Personalities…read more

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1.Primary Socialisation
· Individuals must learn the norms and
values of society
· If they don't there is no consensus. No
consensus = no social life
· Children's personalities are moulded in
terms of societies culture to the point
where it becomes part of them
(internalised)…read more

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