Functionalism and education.

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Functionalists agree that education preforms four essential functions.
Individual members feel that they belong to a community
A sense of togetherness.
School is `society in miniature'
Child learns to interact with other members. Follows a fixed set of
Prepares for interaction with other members of the community
as an adultwhom accepts social rules.
Learning about shared culture in history lessons.
Gives a sense of social solidarity, commitment to the group.
Education unites individuals.
An absence of this would cause individuals to pursue selfish aims
and not cooperate.
Conflictapproach would argue that:
Schools failto pass on shared culture.
Dominant culture passed on, may exclude minorities.
School can be seen as ethnocentric, could cause EM'sto feel excluded.
Divides rather than uniting.
Durkheim argues
Individuals taught specialist skills allow them to take place in
the highly complex division of labor.
Through a hierarchy of sifting and sorting.
Individuals need specialist skills and knowledgeto preform roles .
Needed within a modern, individual society.
People work, earn money and support families. Pay income tax
,which is used to keep society going by GOVT.
Durkheim as rose tinted and outdated view of function:
Wolf review (2000) of vocational work.

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HE or good job.
NR support view.
argues that
Edu passes on key norms + values of society.
Children socialized into value. Can achieve based on ability and
Each person should strive to full potential
Schools mirrors society , its meritocratic.
School is meritocratic?????
All can go - it's free.
All students can take exams and get qualifications.
All get to study the same subjects.
Each student needs to meet the same criteria for grades.…read more

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Role of education is allocation
Sifts and sorts according to ability and effort.
Education allocates path we're best suited to:
Based on ability and effort.
Most able attain highest grades, leads to important jobs with
highest rewards.Doctors and lawyers e.c.t.
Not all equally talented:
Need to recognize important roles with rewards.
Most important jobs should be filled with best people, should have
higher status and pay. Reward the best workers .
Leads to inequalities within society
Natural and even desirable in capitalist society.…read more


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