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Case Studies One storm event from within the last 30years should be studied.

The "Great Storm" of 1987
One Storm Event in B. Isles

The depression started over the Bay of Biscay - south
Scale and Context of Storm westerly winds carrying warm wet air from the North
(Occurrence) Atlantic…

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Winds gusting at up to 100mph
Impact of storm 19 people were killed in England
15 million trees were blown down, including 6 of the famous
oaks trees in Sevenoaks

physical environment Many fell on to roads and railways, causing major transport
Others took down electricity and telephone…

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Economic - Over 1 million buildings were damaged and this led
to insurance claims that totalled £1.4 billion (this then led to an
increase in insurance premiums the following year)
Transport was disrupted because fallen trees
blocked roads and railways
Gatwick Airport had to shut because it lost power

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coverage of the atmosphere over the ocean to the south and
west of the UK was improved by increasing the quality and
quantity of observations from ships, aircraft, buoys and
satellites, while refinements were made to the computer
models used in forecasting.


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