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Penny Potts

Year 12 River Study.

I will undertake my river study on the middle course of the River Medlock between Oldham Holts
and Daisy Nook, Droylsden. Oldham is nearest to the source of the river as Daisy Nook is

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To compare the changes in channel dynamics along the river I will be testing 5 different hypotheses.

The angle of the slope will become gentler from the source towards the mouth. This
means that the angle of the valley will become less steep and flatter towards the mouth of the…

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All of the hypotheses are likely and should happen as the Bradshaw Model shows.

The Bradshaw Model is a geographical model which describes how a river's characteristics vary
between the upper course and lower course of a river. It shows that discharge, occupied
channel width, channel depth and average load…

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Before I go and collect data for my river study I have completed a risk assessment that states
any clear risks. I then came up with precautions and measures to counter the risks, for example,
a risk would be slipping down the valley as the weather is wet, the…

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2) Cross sectional area

Equipment ­ tape measure, metre ruler, 30cm ruler, chain.

This experiment needs 4 people. Firstly I will measure the bankfull width of the river by holding
a measuring tape across the river, from the top of each bank. Holding the measuring tape in
place, I will…

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wetted perimeter. To then work out the hydraulic radius I will divide the cross sectional area
with the wetted perimeter.

4) Channel Velocity

Equipment ­ flowmeter

I will place the flowmeter in the middle of the river channel the flowmeter will then show a
reading. This is the channel velocity.…

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filter it through filter paper which will result in the suspended matter on the paper. This will then
get ranked on the amount and size of the material on the samples.

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There's a strong negative correlation, with the exceptions of site 1(green) and site 5(yellow),
between hydraulic radius and velocity of the River Medlock. This is not the outcome expected, as
my hypotheses stated that "The velocity will increase as the hydraulic radius (efficiency) increases

To make sure whether…

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Hydraulic Difference
Sites Radius Rank (1=highest) Velocity Rank (1=highest) (d) d

1 11.38 6 0.48 4 2

2 16.84 4 0.7 2 2

3 13.19 5 0.78 1 4

4 24.09 2 0.16 6 4

5 29.4 1 0.3 5 4

6 17.5 3 0.6 3 0

16d² 16x56 1336…

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authenticity of the result correlation and may explain why it has turned out an unexpected negative

Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that, with this set of data, hydraulic radius does not
affect velocity in the same way the hypothesis suggests. (Increase, it decreases)

Long axis

This line…


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