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The Ontological Argument

- Archbishop of Canterbury
- Never doubted the existence of god ­ started with a concept that he accepted fully
- psalm 14 ­ a fool says in his heart 'there is no god'
- analytic = incoherent to doubt
- synthetic = needs to be…

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- never doubted god's existence
- thought Anselm's argument was flawed
- 'on behalf of the fool'
- FIRSTLY ­ we are human and all experience gained through our senses show us that things are
not perfect ­ can always be improved. Impossible to think of a fully perfect being.…

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- this is immutable (incapable of change)
- are what they are ­ if no one knew what a triangle was it would still be a shape with 3 sides etc.
- god has an immutable nature too.
- Part of gods nature is existence ­ fundamental just like internal…




really really nice stuff, explains Anslems ontological argument nice and simply.-have to have a little bit of proro knowledge to get it. Its revision material after all

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