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The Cosmological Argument

- show logic/rationality of believing in god.
- By examining the fact the universe exists we can work out cause

Aquinas ­ the five ways

- final work = summa theologiae ­ summed up his ideas about theology
- first 3 of his 5 ways collectively make…

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- potentiality and actuality
- e.g hot coffee = actually hot/potentially cold
- efficient cause = necessary cause (to heat the coffee)
- first efficient cause of everything (comes from ARISTOTLE)
- INFINITE REGRESSION ­ needs a 'pure act'
- first mover or first efficient cause = ontological (why anything…

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- Hume = empiricist ­ facts/knowledge from senses.

- Could the universe not be infinite? Does it need a cause? Why? Just because
each human has a mother/ cause = FALLACY OF COMPOSITION
'obviously the human race hasn't a mother, that's a different logic

- 'IF…

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