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Psychology of Addictive Behaviour
Types of Intervention

Biological Interventions
o Agonist Substitution (Methadone for heroin addiction) ­ Methadone mimics
the effects of heroin, however it is less addictive. The drug user is given
increasing amounts of methadone to increase their tolerance to the drug.
This is carried out with the…

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the belief that the individual can control and predict outcomes plays a key part in
the maintenance of gambling.


1. Research Support for CBT ­ Ladouceur et al (2001) allocated 66 pathological gamblers to
either a CBT group or a waiting list (control group). Of those who completed treatment,…

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Gupta (2004) found that gambling during adolescence can lead to adverse outcomes, such
as strained relationships, delinquency and criminal behaviour, even suicide.


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