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Psychology of Addictive Behaviour
Media Influences

Media and Addictive Behaviour ­ Sulken (2007) argues that although the notion of addiction
is increasingly used in everyday language, there is no universal understanding of what it

Film Representations of Addiction
o Sulken (2007) analysed 61 scenes from films that represented addictions…

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Media Changing Addictive Behaviour
o Television support for problem drinking ­ Bennet et al (1991) evaluated the
TV series "Psst.. The Really Useful Guide to Alcohol". Viewers who watched
the series were compared with those who didn't watch the series. Although
the results showed an improvement in alcohol-related knowledge, they…

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b. Anti-Drug advertising contains an implicit message that drug use is common

Johnston et al (2002) found that youths who saw the campaign advertisements took
from them the message that their peers were using marijuana and were then more
likely to imitate marijuana use.


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