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Who is Calpurnia?
She is the Finch family cook and she also plays a big
part in bringing up and educating Scout and Jem ­
almost acting like a substitute mother to them.
She gained Atticus's respect as a `faithful member'
(Chapter 14) of the family.
She is strict with the children but she also has a sense
of compassion and is kind to them when they are
finding life difficult.…read more

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What does Calpurnia do in the story?
Gives Atticus and the children information about the
Robinson family
Takes Jem and Scout to the black community
church, meaning that she provided the children with
valuable information that will inform them during
the trial
Atticus uses Calpurnia to thank the black community
for their gifts to him after the trial, but reminds her
to tell them not to do it again as life is hard
She is the person that Atticus choses to accompany
him to tell Helen Robinson of her husbands death…read more

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What does Calpurnia represent?
The bridge between the white and black
That the prejudice against black people is wrong
because they're just the same as white people…read more


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