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Who is Scout?
Scout is the narrator of the story which follows her
childhood. She also gives her perspective of important
things like Tom Robinson, the trial and other events in
the story.…read more

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What does Scout do in the novel?
Starts school for the first time (Chapter 2)
Discovers gifts hidden in a tree near the Radley house
(Chapter 4)
Finds her father outside the Maycomb jail and helps
bring to an end a dangerous situation (Chapter 15)
Is present at the trial of Tom Robinson (Chapters 17-21)
Attends a Maycomb Missionary Society meeting (Chapter
Performs in the Halloween pageant and is attacked on
her way home (Chapters 28-29)…read more

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How is Scout described and what does it mean?
Quotation Means
"she discovered that I was literate Scout's teacher does not approve of
and looked at me with more than Scout's advanced reading skills
faint distaste" (taught to her by Atticus). But
Scout, as the bright and
unconventional character she is,
has grown up in a household full of
newspapers and books.
"You're also growing out of your Uncle Jack is referring to both
pants a little" Scout's cheeky behaviour and her
tomboyish dress sense and nature.
She rarely wears dresses, which she
learns will get in the way of her
becoming a `lady'.…read more

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How is Scout described and what does it mean?
Quotation Means
"When you...are grown, maybe you' Through the two perspectives of the
ll look back on this with some child and adult Scout, we see that
compassion and some feeling that I the narrator supports, and even
didn't let you down" idealises Atticus, despite his
"There wasn't much else left for us Scout's words are an indication of
to learn, except possibly algebra" her preciousness and also of how
much she's been through. Her
character has been strengthened,
rather than altered or weakened, by
her recent experiences…read more

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Tips for writing about Scout
Both describe Scout's personality and consider why
she has these characteristics
Back up your arguments to show Scout's
development ­ contrasting her behaviour at the
novel's beginning and the end
If it's relevant, point out that we never get to know
the mature narrator character of Scout
Compare Scout and Harper Lee ­ both are
intelligent, creative and informative about history,
literature and Southern ways…read more


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