From Kaiser to Fuhrer: Exam outline and revision checklist

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Edexcel A2 History From Kaiser to Fuhrer Module
Exam Date ­ 3rd of June 2013
Part A ­ Worth 30 marks in total
Will be a question on anything EXCEPT the three controversies for Part B.
Part B ­ Worth 40 marks in total
Will be a question on three controversies:
The causes of WWI
The efficiency of the Nazi state (19331939)
Hitler's role as a dictator
Periods of study:
19001914 > Build up to WWI and the Second Reich
19141919 > WWI
19191933 > Weimar Republic and the rise of Hitler and the NDSAP
19331939 > The Nazi State
19391945 > WW2

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Ideas to help recap topics
· How did Germany become a unified state?
· What was the role of the Kaiser?
· How did the constitution of the Second Reich function?
· Who were the chancellors in the Second Reich and what did they do?
· What was the situation with politics at the time?
· How did reforms lead to economic growth?
· What was the outcome of economic growth (chemical production, steel
production, agriculture etc.…read more

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· List the main clauses in the Treaty of Versailles and the reaction to it amongst
the political parties as well as the general public
· What were the economic problems facing the Weimar Republic?
· What led to the downfall of the Weimar Republic?
· Assess the role of Stresemann
· Assess the role of Ebert and the army
· List the threats to the Weimar Republic from left and rightwing political parties
· Outline how the NDSAP began to become more powerful
·…read more


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