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Verb tables

These tables can be used to check verb forms. The first pages shows the
present, past(passé composé) and future tenses of regular `er' and `ir' verbs,
the second page will give `re' verb forms and space for irregular verbs. (I
have done `faire'). The tables that you can…

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Je finis j'ai fini je
Tu finis tu as fini tu
Il finit il a fini il
Elle finit elle a fini elle
On finit on a fini on
Le collège finit Le collège a fini Le
collège finira
Nous finissons Nous avons fini Nous…

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Mes parents vendent Mes parents ont vendu Mes
parents vendront

faire to do,make (everything that is irregular has been
I am doing, do _ I did, have done I will do
Je fais j'ai fait je
Tu fais tu as fait tu
Il fait il a fait…

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