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Regular or irregular?
When you look up an adjective in the dictionary, you always see it in the masculine singular form,
eg petit.
If it is regular all you need to do is:
add -e to the end to get the feminine singular form, eg petite
add -s for the masculine plural form, eg petits
add -es for the feminine plural form, eg petites
Follow these simple rules for all regular adjectives that end in -u, -i, -é in the masculine singular
Regular adjectives
Type of adjectives Englis Singular Singular Plural Plural
h masculine feminine masculine feminine
Regular adjectives small petit petite petits petites
Adjectives ending in yellow jaune jaune jaunes jaunes
Adjectives ending in big gros grosse gros grosses
Adjectives ending in good bon bonne bons bonnes
Adjectives ending in happy heureux heureuse heureux heureuses
Adjectives ending in first premier première premiers premières
Adjectives ending in sporty sportif sportive sportifs sportives

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Irregular adjectives
Ad Singular before a Singular Singular Plural Plural
jec vowel or silent -h masculine feminine masculine feminine
big un gros gâteau une grosse de gros de grosses
voiture gâteaux voitures
lo un long voyage une longue de longs de longues
ng rue voyages rues
wh un manteau blanc une robe des des robes
ite blanche manteaux blanches
go un bon ami une bonne de bons amis de bonnes
od amie amies
be un beau garçon un bel…read more

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English Translation
neither ... nor
no one, nobody, anyone, anybody
no more, no longer
Je ne fume pas. (I don't smoke.)
Elle ne conduit jamais. (She never drives.)
Some words used in questions produce a logical negative response, as in the following examples.
Table 2 contains more logical negative responses.
TABLE 2 Logical Negative
Question Words Negative Response
quelqu'un (someone, ne ... personne (no one, nobody, anyone,
somebody) anybody)
quelquefois (sometimes) ne ... jamais (never)
quelque chose (something) ne ...…read more

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Je ne cherche personne. (I'm not looking for anyone.…read more


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