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French Grammar Tenses

The Present Tense

The present tense describes what is happening now, or what happens on a regular basis. There
is only one form of the present tense in French, whilst there are three in English (Je regarde = I
watch, I do watch, I am watching).

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Je Me e
Tu Te es
Il/elle/on Se e
Nous Nous ons
Vous Vous ez
Ils/ells se ent
All reflexive verbs use être to form the perfect tense, when the auxiliary goes after the reflexive

Future Tense

The future tense is used to say what WILL or what is…

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The Perfect Tense

The perfect tense is made up of an auxiliary verb (usually avoir but sometimes être) and a past
To form the past participle, take of the `er'/'re'/'ir' and add:
é (for `er' verbs)
i (for `ir' verbs)
u (for `re' verbs)
E.g. J'ai joué au tennis,…

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The conditional tense, which means `would' is used to make a suggestion, to be polite or in a
sentence that depends on something else.
Si + Imperfect = Conditional

Adding imperfect endings to the future stem forms the conditional tense:
Je ­ `ais'
Tu ­ `ais'
Il/elle/on ­ `ait'

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French Grammar ­ useful notes

Direct Object Pronouns
The direct object of a sentence is the person or thing to which the action is `done'.
A direct object pronoun replaces a noun that is the object of the sentence (to make, for example,
I like it, I like them etc.)…

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Je ­ moi Tu ­ toi Il ­ lui Elle ­ elle

Nous/on ­ nous Vous ­ vous Ils ­ eux Elles elles

Possessive Adjectives
Possessive adjectives show who or what something or someone belongs to. They come before
the noun and agree with the noun (not the owner)


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f ve Il est sportif / elle est sportive

s sse Il est gros / elle est grosse

Some adjectives never change:
Chic (smart), cool (cool), extra (great), super (super) and marron (brown)

Some adjectives follow a special pattern (beau beautiful, nouveau new, vieux old):
Masculine Masculine (pl) Feminine Feminine…

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Dans (in... time) ­ E.g. Dans trios ans...
Pendant (during, for) ­ E.g. J'ai été célibataire pendant cinq ans.
Pour (during, for ­ in the future tense)
D'ici (from now) ­ E.g. D'ici un mois je saurai si je suis enceinte
Vers (around) ­ E.g. Samir va me rappeler vers…

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Ils/elles ont Ils/elles auront Ils aient

Boire ­ Je bois J'ai bu Je buvais Je boirai Je boive
to drink Tu bois Il/elle a Il/elle Tu boiras Tu boives
Il/elle boit bu buvait Il/elle boira Il boive
Nous buvons Nous boirons Nous buvions
Vous buvez Vous boirez Vous buviez

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Être ­ to Je suis J'ai été J'étais Je serai Je sois
be Tu es Il/elle a Il/elle était Tu seras Tu sois
Il/elle est été Il/elle sera Il/elle soit
Nous sommes Nous serons Nous soyons
Vous êtes Vous serez Vous soyez
Ils/elles sont Ils/elles seront Ils/ells soient

Faire ­…




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