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year 9 french grammar notes

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L'Imparfait = Imperfect Tense
i) Take the nous part of the present tense
ii) Removes the ­ons ending
iii) add the following endings:
Je ais
Tu ais
Il ait
Nous ions
Vous iez
Elles aient
N.B. There is only one exception to this rule: the verb être, where the stem is ét ­
i) used to do (repeated/prolonged actions in the past)
ii) descriptions in the past (e.g. places/people)
iii) expressing feelings or opinions (e.g. it was boring)
iv) background action (was doing)
2 elements avoir/être + past participles Nous person + -ais type endings
What you did ­ main actions or events I used to do (over and over in the past)
Completed actions Continual/prolongued/incomplete actions
One-off actions Habitual actions in the past
Sudden happening Descriptions (of people/places)
Sequence of events (this, then that) Opinions (e.g. it was delicious)

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Le Futur
You can also talk about the future using the real future tense.
Un jour, je serai riche. One day, i will be rich.…read more

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L'Imperatif = Command
VOUS ­ use the present tense vous form of every verb without vous (regular/irregular)
Negative Imperative
Put the `ne pas' around the verb in the usual way
Ne parlez pas!
N'oubliez jamais votre livre!
Reflexive verbs
Reflexive verbs are verbs which include an extra pronoun (before the verb). The infinitive of a
reflexive verb has the pronoun `se'. the reflexive pronouns `me', `te' and `se' shorten to m', t'
and s' if placed in front of a verb beginning with a vowel.…read more

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DEVOIR to have to POUVOIR to be able to
Je dois Je peux
Tu dois Tu peux
Il doit Il peut
Nous devons Nous pouvons
Vous devez Vous pouvez
Elles doivent Elles peuvent
VOULOIR to want to
Je dois
Tu dois
Il doit
Nous devons
Vous devez
Elles doivent…read more



this is actually amazingly helpful thank you so much

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