religious predestination with free will and determinism 

a2 ethics with OCR

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Freewill and Determinism. Religious Predestination
Calvinism ­ The `Five
T Total Depravity As a consequence of The Fall everyone is People are not by nature inclined to Dawkins ­ selfish gene
enslaved to sin. All people by their own love God with their whole heart, Syria
faculties are morally unable to choose to mind, or strength, but rather all are
follow God and be saved because they are, of inclined to serve their own interests
their own nature, unwilling to do so. over those of their neighbour and so
reject the rule of God.
U Unconditional election AKA Predestination: God chooses from Never properly taught, except an Devoted Christian to God goes to
eternity all those he will save ­ the `elect'. assurance to those who seek hell regardless
They are chosen by the mercy of God alone ­ forgiveness and salvation that their Deterministic
not dependent on virtue or faith. faith is not in vain. God is able to
bring to completion everyone He
intends to save.
L Limited atonement Jesus was punished in the place of sinners. Calvinists hold that the atonement is Atonement is enough for
Although Jesus could have atoned for all sufficient for all and efficient for the
everyone but only works for the
sinners, only those elected by God will be elect. elected
atoned for ­ and they are definitely `saved'. No moral sense
I Irresistible Grace When God wants to save someone, that The Holy Spirit is able to overcome No resistance
individual will be saved. all resistance and make his influence That is going to happen
irresistible and effective.
P Perseverance of the God is sovereign and his will cannot be The elected will go to heaven
Saints frustrated by humans. Those whom God has
called will continue in faith until the end. Those
who fall away either never had faith or will
Evangelic View

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Free Grace The view that once you're saved, You can do as you like once you've Model
you're always saved. genuinely committed to God/been No matter what you do ­ do good ­
converted. saved
Other views
Universalism The view that in the end all people A God who did not want to, or was A benevolent God must want to
will end up in heaven (C.S. Lewis and unable to save everyone, was not a save all humanity
others).…read more


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