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Shareen, Palvisha, Hiza and
Aneesa…read more

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· There is a close link between free will and responsibility.
· We can only take moral blame or credit for actions that were
performed freely.
·For example:- we can only take moral blame for murder if we
had the free choice to do so and weren't under any pressure or
influences. Likewise, we can only be morally credited for a good
deed that was done through free will, such as giving charity.
· If someone's actions are controlled by drugs, alcohol or
psychological condition, then that person is not entirely
responsibly for their actions.…read more

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· If a person chooses to get drunk before driving and has an
accident, then he has more moral responsibility then a person
who unwillingly entered into this state.
· Kant supported this idea and claimed that humans are free to
make moral rational decisions.
· Without freedom there is no possibility of making moral choices.
· The ability of free rationalism is what sets humans apart from
· We cannot blame someone for not doing what they are not able
to do.
· `In morals, the proper and inestimable worth of an absolutely
good will consists precisely in the freedom of the principle of
action from any influences' (Kant 1785)…read more

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· Kelly
is feeling murderous · Kelly has her drink
and whilst driving down spiked and whilst on
the road decides to mow her way home loses
down a pedestrian. control of the car and
kills a pedestrian.
· Who is responsible? · Who is responsible?
· Why? · Why?…read more

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Free will curtailed by volition.
To cut short,
Curtailed Restrict For example:-
· A prisoner locked in a 8' x 8'
The act of concrete cell would not be
Volition willing, considered to be free by most
choosing, or
resolving standards, but could still
exercise the choice to either lie
down, sit, or stand, etc. The
prisoner has certainly lost a
· In ethics, the terms free will large portion of his freedom, but
and volition are not often has not been stripped of his
used synonymously, but do volition, as demonstrated by his
convey related ideas. power of choice.…read more

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Question of genetics and
Genetic/ Upbringing/
Nature biological
Nurture environment.
· Some characteristics are · Some characteristics may
determined by our parents: be affected by the
- environment in which we
live: -
· Physical appearance is
determined by genes · Children living close to
major road may develop
· Some health conditions
such as cystic fibrosis, are
inherited.…read more

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