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Francis Poulenc - Sonata for Horn, Trumpet and Trombone: I

Neoclassicism Melody Tonality

Quasi-Classical periodic Melody usually in trumpet e.g. bar 1-4 with diatonic triadic melody - Opening G major tonality
phrasing outlines chords defined by diatonic triadic
Simple diatonic melodies Simple balanced phrases e.g. bar 1-4 melody in trumpet…

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Use of monophony at bar The speed changes define
22-25 the sections of the music
Some use of homorhythm in
8ves e.g. bar 89

Structure - loose ternary with several shorter themes

Bar 1-25 (A)

Bar 1-8 Main theme

Br 9-17 Faster pairs of themes

Bar 17-21

Bar 22 Main…

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Bar 58-89 (A) Return of main
interpolated with
music from bar 46

Bar 73 Pairs of themes return

Bar 86 Short 4-bar chromatic


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