Francis Poulenc - Sonata for Horn, Trumpet and Trombone: I

Compilation of notes from class, the Edexcel book and the Edexcel revision notes

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Francis Poulenc - Sonata for Horn, Trumpet and Trombone: I
Neoclassicism Melody Tonality
Quasi-Classical periodic Melody usually in trumpet e.g. bar 1-4 with diatonic triadic melody - Opening G major tonality
phrasing outlines chords defined by diatonic triadic
Simple diatonic melodies Simple balanced phrases e.g. bar 1-4 melody in trumpet
decorated with complex Occasional large leaps e.g. bar 2, 36-38 has 2 8ves! Modulation to E flat major
harmony Conjunct/scalic melodies e.g. bar 4/9 at bar 26 - quite a remote
Simple form Ornamentation features e.g. bar 12 key
Influence of jazz shown in Melody in horn at bar 30 Modulation to B flat major
syncopation and time Opening melody broken by quaver rests and played in horn at bar at bar 40
signature changes 40 Frequent discords e.g. bar 4
Humour Chromatic evidence at bar 10 with B flats, B naturals and C naturals Frequent chromaticisms e.g.
in horn, and short coda at end of movement bar 15-16, 86
Trombone tends to have longer notes
Repeated (8ve) notes feature in the melody e.g. trumpet bar 18, 20
Harmony Texture Rhythm and metre Performance forces
Simple chords used e.g. only 3 part texture e.g. bar 26 Movement in simple 4/4 Trumpet in C, Horn in F and
chords I, IV and V used in first with tpt and tbn in 2 part time Trombone
four bars counterpoint Neoclassical trait shows with Poulenc uses instruments to
Chromatic harmony e.g. bar 4 Brass groups usually 4 part time signature changes e.g. their maximum - wild
with C in horn for complete harmony (and bar 9 to 3/4 trumpet leaps at bar 39,
Harmony outlined by broken so players rest) but players Opening melody broken by wide ranging bar 21, 37
chords e.g. beginning and must all constantly play here quaver rests at bar 40 Low notes in horn at bar 74
bar 26 in horn Melody dominated Use of syncopation in horn Comical essence delivered
B flat pedal in trumpet at bar homophony at beginning and trumpet at bar 13-14 with oompahs in trumpet and
86-7 Horn and trumpet in parallel Trombone tends to have trombone at bar 40
6ths at bar 10-16 longer notes
Use of free rhythm at bar 39

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Use of monophony at bar The speed changes define
22-25 the sections of the music
Some use of homorhythm in
8ves e.g.…read more

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Bar 58-89 (A) Return of main
interpolated with
music from bar 46
Bar 73 Pairs of themes return
Bar 86 Short 4-bar chromatic
coda…read more


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