France 1610 -1715: Treaties

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Treaty Date Point Gains Loses
Grace of Alais 1629 Signed with the Huguenots Freedom of worship Abolition of all their laws, assemblies and
Protected from discrimination fortresses
Westphalia 1648 Ended the Thirty Years war Broke the Spanish lines of encirclement Alsace retained their status as imperial fiefs
Obtained virtual control of Alsace
Countries under the HRE gained full
HRE had to tolerate Lutheran and Calvinist
Pyrenees 1659 Ended the war between Spain Gained a number of towns e.g. Roussillon & France had to deny support to the reels within
and France Perpignan the Peninsula
Spain recognised all French acquisitions Conde was pardoned or treason and his lands
Louis XIV was married to Maria Theresa returned
England was given Dunkirk NE border was still vulnerable
AixLaChapelle 1668 Ended the war of devolution; Could keep many of her conquests in the Restore Franchecomte to Spain
Louis attempted to advance his Spanish low countries Evacuated Lorraine
claims to the Spanish inheritance Leopold offered to divide the Spanish empire
which Louis on the death of Carlos II; Treaty
of Gremoville
Nijmegen 1679 Ended the Dutch war Retained FranceComte and towns in Northern conquests were given back
Flanders France was hatred and distrusted
Negotiations were conducted in French Had to reduce the exorbitant tariffs impose
Gained 160km of land from Dunkirk to the before the war
Meuse Returned bases in the Spanish Netherlands
Carlos II married a French princess Emperor gained P hillipsburg
Retained possession of Lorraine Massive debt which burdened the treasury
Many countries recognised that there was Europe learned the need to unite against
safety in a friendship with France French aggression
Brandenburg restored Swedish lands
Truce of 1685 Brought an end to the reunions Europe had to accept Louis gains since 1679

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This was to last for a period of 20years but it
was expected to be permanent
City of Strasburg gave him a foothold on the
River Rhine
Ryswick 1679 Ended the Nine Years War/the Able to keep Strasburg and lower Alsace, William of Neuburg gained the Palatinate
war of the League of Augsburg; French Hainault Prince of Bavaris gained Cologne
dispute over cologne and the Both were members of the LoA
Palatinate Louis recognised William as KoE
Lorraine was restored to the grandson of
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