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Ellie Griffiths ­ FP1 Revision Sheet

Complex numbers:

Complex numbers are in the form a + bi, where a
and b are real numbers:

The complex conjugate of complex number z:

If roots and of a quadratic are complex, they
will be a complex conjugate pair.
If one root of…

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Ellie Griffiths ­ FP1 Revision Sheet


A parabola is a set of points which are equidistant from the focus S and a line
called the directrix.
The focus, S, has coordiantes (a, 0)
The directrix has equation x = -a
A parabola has Cartesian equation y2 = 4ax

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Ellie Griffiths ­ FP1 Revision Sheet

If you have a recurrence relation, check for more than one basic case of n to see if all are true.
Assume that it is true for k equivalents to starting numbers.
eg. Un+2 relation , given u1 and u2, check true for n…


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