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Further Pure 1
Crucial Points
Complex numbers
1. Simplify where possible. Remember that when you are working with complex numbers, you should always simplify
i² to -1.
2. Make sure that you know what a complex conjugate is. Remember that for a complex number z = x + iy, the…

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1. Make sure that you can do matrix multiplication confidently. This is fundamental to the whole chapter.
2. Remember that matrix multiplication is not commutative. In general, AB BA. This is an easy mistake to make as
we are all used to ordinary multiplication being commutative.
3. Remember the useful…

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been unchanged for two or three iterations. You can then be reasonably confident that the iteration is correct to that
number of decimal places. To be certain, check for a change of sign either side of the root you have found.
3. Use enough decimal places in your working. When…


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