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To what extent are there important distinctions between deep and light green ecology?

Ecologism can be split into `deep' and `light green', or `shallow', forms. Deep ecologists such as Naess
advocate that humans are not superior to any other forms of species and instead should work within nature,
as equals…

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This deep ecologist doctrine implies a radical holistic transformation; the human consciousness has to be
revolutionised so it recognises the intimate interconnection between the human species and the
environment. This view is evidences in the philosophy of Arne Naess, who argues that "We must realise that
when basic needs have…

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international organisations and the state in order to bring individuals closer to nature. Whilst most deep
ecologists only propose reform, many believe in a more revolutionary method.

Why are some feminists also ecologists?

There are some similarities between feminism and ecologism, which means some feminists are also
ecologists. Some feminists,…


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