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Blow to environment as demand for fossil fuels set to increase (Google news)

The world's dependence on fossil fuels, particularly coal, is set to rocket over the next two decades, with China and India
leading demand, the International Energy Agency has warned.
The IEA, energy watchdog and advisor to 26…

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Renewables Hydro Nuclear

Gas Oil Coal


Share of global demand Share of global reserves

Share of global demand Share of global reserves


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Share of global demand Share of global reserves
Coal is a much more evenly distributed resource than oil and gas and, until being overtaken by oil in the 1960s, was the
largest source of energy. Today it accounts for 25% of total energy demand, though provides around 40% of…

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related to the oil spill. By July 9, 2011, roughly 491 miles (790 kilometers) of coastline in Louisiana, Mississippi,
Alabama and Florida remained contaminated by BP oil, according to a NOAA spokesperson. In October 2011, a NOAA
report shows dolphins and whales continue to die at twice the normal rate.…


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