Formulas not in Formula Book / OCR AS Physics B (Advancing Physics)

A guide to some essential formulas for use in the OCR Physics B (Advancing Physics) AS-Level Exam. I've only included the ones which aren't in the formula booklet.

A2 one coming soon.

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Formulas Not In Formula Booklet
To Calculate... Do... Units...
LENSES (P1) (Paper One)
Magnification v/u image height / object height None
Power 1 / frequency D, dioptres
Number of Bytes Number of Bits / 8 bytes
Number of Alternative Levels 2number of bits None
Number of Bits log2(Number of Alternative Levels) bits
Minimum Rate of Sampling 2 x maximum frequency of signal Hz (or s-1)
Rate of Transmission samples per second x bits per sample bits s-1
Bandwidth 1 / (time that 1 bit is on)
Bandwidth Maximum number of bits per second Hz
Bandwidth is the same as carrier frequency
(emf) terminal p.d. + lost p.d. V
Current x (Circuit Resistance + Internal Resistance) V
Rearrange those to get to the other equations. There is one in the formula booklet, so you can rearrange
that instead, if you forget these.
R1 has R1 / (R1 + R2) of the total resistance. Multiply this by the voltage of Ohms
the input (cell, battery or AC supply) to find the voltage across R1.
Work Power x time W
Work Voltage x Current x time W
All formulas for Materials are in the formula booklet.
Path Difference
- Destructive Inteference (n + ½) (where the waves meet ½ out of phase) None ­ just an
occurs when: indicator of how
the waves meet
- Constructive Inteference n (where the waves meet in phase, a (constructive or
occurs when: integer multiple of apart, eg 1, 4, 6 etc) destructive)
Double Slit Formula:
X is the distance between two maximas or two minimas formed on the wall (Fringe Spacing)
D is the distance between the slits and wall, d is the distance between the slits
Fringe Spacing, X (D) / d m
This formula is the same as dsin = n, but
relies on being small

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E (photon of energy) (hc) / (c is 3x108 - the speed of light) J
Probablility of a Path Being Resultant Phasor Amplitude None
E (energy of electron) eV (e is a constant - the charge on an electron, and eV
given in the formula booklet.…read more



Thanks, really useful for turning into flash cards!

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