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There are two types of polymers, addition and condensation polymers

Addition polymers
Addition polymers are where multiple monomers are added together to form a long chain molecule
of repeating units. They are made by breaking the double bond in alkenes to allow them to join
together. Conditions needed…

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The monomers usually have an alcohol, carboxylic acid or an amine functional group on each end of
the molecule.

Requires a catalyst e.g. antimony(iii) oxide at 280 degrees Celsius.

There are two types of condensation polymers, polyesters and polyamides.

In polyester the monomers are joined together by ester links.…

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which loses a hydrogen, then bonds with the carbon atom which has lost a chlorine.
This produces the polymer.
Nylon 6,6 is made from 1,6- diamino hexane and hexane 1,6- dicarboxylic acid.
o By product is water

o Repeat unit in abbreviated version
Kevlar is used in bullet proof…


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