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Erosional Landforms
Headlands and Bays
Headlands are formed when the sea attacks a section of the coast with
alternating bands of more and less resistant rocks
Less resistant rock (e.g. clay and sand) erode more quickly than more
resistant rock (e.g. chalk)
The bands of less resistant rock erode more…

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a. Cliff next to the sea, destructive waves slowly erode the cliff
(hydraulic action)
b. Continuous erosion causes a wave cut notch and a cave is
c. Result of gravity cliff face breaks off leaving a wave cut platform
where the cliff used to be

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Depositional Landforms
Made up of eroded material that has been transported from elsewhere
and deposited by the sea
Constructive waves build up beaches
What the beach is made up of (sand or pebbles) depends on the area's
geology and the wave's energy
Destructive waves remove the material from some…

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