For and Against giving Women the Vote

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Women getting the Vote
For Against
Got rid of inequalities: it put pressure on Men and women had separate spheres: man's
Government to change laws, improve was public sphere of politics. Some believed
lives of women in marriage and divorce. the spheres were ordained by God, the vote
Some believed it would remove would destroy family life. Women were `led by
prostitution their womb' and were intellectually inferior to
Improve men's moral and sexual Most women don't want the vote: not
behaviour: WSPU slogan `votes for interested in public affairs and the
women, chastity for men'. Women were suffragettes were mad spinsters
`defenders of Virtue', men were lustful
destroyers of chastity
Women were capable of being in politics: Dangerous to change working system: it had
1907 women rate payers were allowed seen Britain become powerful and votes for
to vote, some of which were Poor Rate women would ruin stability
Guardians so understood politics
Britain was falling behind: 1914 USA, New Women were represented by husbands
Zealand and Australia got the vote
Christabel Pankhurst: all premarital sex, Roles in local affairs: women should
prostitution and venereal disease would contribute to communities with charities and
disappear school boards
Changes in women's roles: many worked Women didn't fight for the Country: If they got
e.g. as typists or teachers the vote they wouldn't want to fight wars and
would stop Britain's place in the world
Voting is a right: after 1884 most men had
the vote and it right was based on
property qualifications. Some women
were householders who paid taxes yet
not allowed to vote when illiterate men
Britain wasn't true democracy: over half
the population couldn't vote. Women
were put in the same category as insane
and criminals


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