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Nutrition Test…read more

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Fruit and Veg: 5-a-day
Portion Sizes…read more

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1 portion is equal to 80g…read more

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1 apple, banana or similar sized fruit
2 plums or similar sized fruit
½ a grapefruit or avocado
A slice of melon or similar sized fruit
3 heaped table spoons of of veg, raw, cooked, frozen or tinned
1 heaped table spoon of dried fruit (raisins or apricots etc.)
1 dessert bowl of salad
150ml of fruit juice
Cupful of berries, grapes or similar sized fruits.…read more

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Healthy Eating…read more

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1/3 of our diets should be made up of
starchy foods
Carbohydrates provide us with energy,
calcium, fibre, iron, and vitamin B
Wholemeal is better because it
contains fibre and other nutrients
Potatoes don't count as your 5-a-day
because they are starch…read more

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