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There is a chance of getting bacteria like:
They can make you very sick or can even be fatal.

Salmonella and E ­coil are certain types of bacteria on food.
An example of this would be if raw chicken was left out of
the fridge for a…

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The dangers of food poisoning are:


Stomach cramps,

Loss of appetite,

A high temperature,

Muscle pain,

Cold/hot moments


Loss of salts/minerals from the body

Weakness of the body

How to avoid food poisoning

Cook food through properly and don't think that it's done when it's

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raw meat and if on a higher one the raw meat could fall on
cooked food and cause food poisoning.
5) Take the bacon and put it on a plate or microwave tray
6) Use about four rashers of bacon to put in the sandwich
7) Cook the bacon for…

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CleaningYou can prevent the spread of harmful bacteria by
keeping all your work surfaces clean. Wash your hands regularly
with soap and warm water. Remember never to:

Handle food when you are ill with stomach problems.
Touch food if you have sores and cuts (unless they are
covered with a…

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Use a different chopping board for raw food and
readytoeat food, or wash it well in between preparing
different foods.
Clean knives and other utensils thoroughly after they have
been used with raw food.
Never wash raw meat because this could splash harmful
bacteria around the kitchen.

Every hour, bacteria…


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