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If you are an animal you do not go to the supper market like us
humans instead you have to hunt. Basically in nature it is dog eat dog
world. Say you were a hare you would eat grass or even carrots from
some ones garden. These plants are called the producer and the hare
would be a consumer. The Consumer will then be at risk from a
carnivore such as a fox. Foxes are declining in the wild now of days
because they were hunted and know they are living in the cities. So
the hare will not have to worry about the fox but the domestic
animals such as cats. Another worry for the hare would be a bird of
prey which has grand eye site and is a parent itself which would hunt
the hare as a notorious source of food.…read more

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Fly Adder
Toad Hawk…read more

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The Facts
The Herbivore is always the animal that will get eaten.
The Carnivore is usually a mammal or a bird. Birds
of Prey will get large birds, but garden birds will eat
insects and invertebrates such as worms, beetles
and spiders.
Amphibians have a long tongue this will help
them catch flying insects especially the dragon
Reptiles such as snakes will eat anything on the
floor but can climb trees. The average human can
outrun a snake. But snakes will go for mice, rats
and rabbits. The amphibians they will go for are
everything in the frog family and newts. Bigger
snakes will eat rival smaller snakes.…read more


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