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Oils (liquid at room temp : can be extracted from various seeds, flowers and beans. And may even
be found in wheat, barley and some fruits )
Fats (solids are room temp : From animals, fish or vegetable origin. Animal fats come from the flesh
of animals eg. Suet/lard.…

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o Adds flavour = eg. Fats in biscuits, cakes. Melted on vegetables.
o Makes food moist = eg. Butter or margarine on bread and scones.
o Seals = eg. Butter and lard helps to preserve pâtés by sealing them.
o Shortens/changes texture = Pastry/shortbread have a crumbly texture because the…

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Triglycerides are the main constituents of vegetable oils and animal fats. They have lower
densities than water, and at normal room temp the may be solid or liquid. They are also the
chemical compound formed from one molecule of glycerol and three fatty acids.

Classifications and Chemical Structures of Fats…

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body uses these fatty acids to make chemicals that Soya beans
control blood pressure, blood clotting and your immune Herring
system respond. Salmon
Linolenic fatty acids are also called Omega ­ 3 fats, Mackerel
which are known to have many health benefits. Tuna
Saturated Fat This is also called…

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Some oils are so unsaturated that they are little use in the natural state.
The oil is heated and stirred with nickel as a catalyst. Unsaturated fats are susceptible to
oxidation which leads to rancidity.
Hydrogenation is a commercial chemical process to add more hydrogen to natural unsaturated

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Oxidation of fats results in the replacement of an oxygen ion for a hydrogen ion in the fatty acid
The substitution destabilises the molecule and makes it possible for other chemical fragments to
find a place along the chain.
What we perceive is an unpleasant change in the flavour…


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