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Fluvial landforms (hot environments)

Ephemeral flows

Seasonal rivers that only flow after periods of rain or thunderstorms
They occur due to large convectional storms, little vegetation and
impermeable ground.
They are high in energy and carry a large load of rock debris.
High levels of abrasion and lateral/ vertical erosion.…

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Temporary lakes in shallow inland a basins
Main processes include: insolation, deposition
When rivers flow into these basins they form temporary lakes.
Salt is carried in high concentrations in rivers as it accumulates in areas of
low rainfall
High levels of insolation cause these lakes to evaporate and leave…

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Narrow river valleys with near vertical edges
There are two types slot canyon and step canyon.
Slot canyons are made up of high resistant rock, so only vertical erosion is
possible, this keeps the canyon narrow and steep edged.
Step canyons are made of alternate horizontal layers of high…


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