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Settlements in LEDCs
By Moi­ Tasneem =)…read more

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Land use problems
LEDC urban problems
come from the
difference in layout
shown in the diagram
Expensive housing is
found near the CBD.
The poorer housing is
found further away
making the problem of
access to amenities and
work even harder.…read more

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Spontaneous settlements... are common to LEDC cities
y towns
-s hant
e n ts:
le m
us s ett
n eo
These are settlements bu
ilt illegally by the very
poor, who cant afford pr
hr ou g h time oper housing.
a b i t a n t s may
inh im p rove
t o
manage towns
s h a n t y
their They are badly bu
ilt, without
basic amenities­ to
ts…read more

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Preview of page 6 another major problem in LEDCs
Competition for land is intense
High popula
tions and
lack of availa
re ble
g p ut s p ressuC transport m
di n ean people
Overcrow uch as:- a want to live
r v ic es s near places
on se n where they
t might find
· Sanitation
· Health care
· Housing p
provision o
i ble,
d Limited land availa
o b l em s with e often shanty town
p r rous
Leads to d
are built on dange
· Clean water
o supply grounds e.g. steed
· Waste disposal
r hillside, rubbish ti
· Creates major health risks
l…read more

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