flooding case study: central european floods 2013

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Global issues-environmental issues
Flooding case study: central European floods- June 2013
Background facts
Occurred in may and June 2013
Caused 25 deaths
Resulted in $22bn worth of damages
7 countries affected including Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary,
Poland, Slovakia and Switzerland.
7th wettest spring in 150 years which mean that the ground was already
1ft of rain which fell in 2 days
Jet stream trapped depression in same area for 5 days, causing a long
period of sustained heavy rainfall. This also meant that the rainfall was not
evenly distributed as it fell in a highly concentrated area, which means the
levels of damage were greater, than if it had been more evenly distributed.
Most rain fell over the Alps, which caused orographic rainfall, which meant
more fell over the mountains, causing the amount of surface run off to
Urbanisation and increasing population density means that the levels of
damage will be greater as if there are more people in an area then there
will be a higher likelihood of damage.
Short term
State of emergency declared
Volunteers work to reinforce river banks
Residents surround homes with sand bags
Thousands evacuated
Emergency workers use boats to shuttle supplies to cut off areas.
80,000 officials on duty
German families airlifted to safety after 2 levees break
Metal barriers built up to protect historic centre of Prague
Long term
350 flood prevention projects planned however only 80 were completed
Reluctance to spend money on flood defences
Green measures- afforestation to slow down surface runoff, allow river to
naturally widen up to a point

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Global issues-environmental issues
Grey measures- levees, channel straightening
Soft measures- flood warnings, educating people on how to prepare for a
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