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These are the answers to a previously uploaded document about questions on flooding. These are the answers. Enjoy!!

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Answers and Mark Scheme to Exam questions on Flooding
1. The graph shows that there is a wet and dry season and this is shown by there is a
lot of rainfall between April and September and little for the rest of the year. There is
relationship that between April and September, when there is more rain, the
temperature also increases. This creates a monsoon climate. (3)
1 mark = Mentioning/describing of monsoon climate
1 mark = the relationship between temperature and rainfall
1 mark = Use of data from the graph ­ E.g. using months/amounts
2. 1 mark for each of these ideas (maximum of 3 marks awarded):
Many trees are cut down in the Himalayas
Heavy monsoon rains
Less than 1 metre above sea level
Rivers bring sediment and soil and this makes the river channels smaller
It has a delta and this could cause flooding when rivers are bank full
Flat land
3. 1 mark for each of these methods and a reason:
Dams ­ hold water back in heavy rain
Embankments/Levees ­ stop water spreading onto built up areas
Channelisation ­ They can hold excess water that has built up
Sandbagging ­ Stop the flooding from going to a particular area
Washlands ­ To give water a place to go
Afforestation ­ The roots absorb more water
Flood Warning ­ Give people time to prepare with other methods
4. 1 mark for each of these with a response:
Heavy rain/snowmelt ­ Large volume of water quickly
Urbanisation ­ Materials such as brick and concrete cannot absorb water
Deforestation ­ Trees and vegetation are not able to soak up water
Building on a floodplain ­ Less area for the water to go
Very wet soil ­ The water cannot be absorbed any more
Long spells of dry hot weather ­ The ground will not absorb the water quickly


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