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Cells Cells Cells
Qu. What 5 elements are in Qu. What 8 elements are in a Qu. What is the job of the
an animal cell? plant cell? Nucleus?
Ans. Cell membrane, Ans. Nucleus, cell wall, Ans. Controls all the
Cytoplasm, Nucleus, mitochondria, cell activities of the cell,
mitochondria, ribosome.…

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remain chemically liquid to move around in; Ans. It is faster than it is at
unchanged. water is frozen at this 0°C, but it is still relative
temperature. slow.
Enzymes Enzymes Enzymes
Qu. At 37°C, what happens Qu. At 40 C, what happens Qu. At 50 C, what happens

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Ans. Gall bladder Qu. Is bile and alkaline or an Qu. Out of the following 3
acid? elements, which takes the
Ans. Alkaline longest to digest?
(Carbohydrate, protein, fat)
Ans. Fat
Enzymes Enzymes Osmosis and Diffusion
Qu. Fill the gap ­ bile gives a Qu. What is the main Qu.…

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chromosomes are not Ans. XY Ans. XX
Inheritance and genes Inheritance and genes Inheritance and genes
Qu. What is the probability Qu. Define Homozygous. Qu. Define Heterozygous.
of offspring being male or Ans. Two of the same genes. Ans. Two different genes.
female? E.g. E.g.
Ans. Ratio = 1:1…


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