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The Beast (Fear)

p.15 The choir: "something dark was fumbling along" Golding describes as a `creature' ­ sense of
Littluns see `beastie' optical illusion created by the creepers `a snake thing'
p.53 R: "They dream...they talk and scream."
Simon: "As if it wasn't a good if the…

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p.61 `When the sun sank, darkness dropped on the island like an extinguisher and soon the
shelters were full of restlessness.'
`they (the littluns) suffered untold terrors in the dark.'
P.137 R: `as long as there's light we're brave enough'
p.181 `Ralph felt curiously defenceless with the darkness pressing in.'…

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p.120 R notices the physical change in boys' appearance but still clinging to civilization by wearing
p.145 P:" It's them that haven't no common sense that make trouble on this island."

p.183 P: " If we don't get home soon we'll be barmy."

p.200 P "You're acting like a…

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p.168 `out of the darkness rose another desire, thick, urgent, blind'
p.191 `They understood only too well the liberation into savagery that the concealing paint brought.'
R:" well we won't be painted...because we aren't savages." The condition of their bodies and hair is
a leveller, and R acknowledge this "then…


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