First World War Timeline

AS First World War Timeline

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The First World War Timeline
1914 - August 4th Britain declares war on Germany and the BEF head to France.
August DORA
Intoxicating liquor act passed
August - 1.2 million volunteer for Kitchener's new armies.
No Conscription Fellowship set up
October First Battle of Ypres , old army units destroyed.
December Scarborough and Hartlepool shelled.
Propaganda bureau set up at Wellington House.
1915 - April Second Battle of Ypres.
May Shell shortage scandal.
Munitions of war act passed.
Ministry of Munitions set up.
Coalition government formed.
June Central Board of Control created to restrict alcohol sales in
some areas.
July Miners' strike.
July 15th National Registration Act Passed to register those applicable
for military service.
September Battle of Loos. War correspondents allowed in.
October 11th Derby Scheme Starts.
Lusitania sunk.
Edith Cavell shot by firing squad.
1916 - January Women's land army formed.
February 9th First Military Service Act conscripts unmarried men.
March Non - Combatant corps formed.
May 2nd Second Military Service Act conscripts married men.
July 1st Battle of Somme begins.
August 24th Battle of Somme film opens to great success.
December 1st WAAC formed
1917 - April Battle of Arras - Canadians capture Vimy Ridge.
July - Third Battle of Ypres.
Department of Information set up.
November 29th WRNS formed
1918 - March 21st Ludendorff Offensive.
April WRAF formed
June Representation of the People Act vote given to women
over 30 and men over 21.
August Battle of Amiens - Black day of the German Army.
September Hindenburg Line broken.
November Armistice.
Ministry of Information created.
1919 - Versailles peace conference
Sex Disqualification Removal Act. Women can have any
profession except in the Church.
1920 - Trade Unions membership numbers 8 million.
1921 - 1922 Huge rise in unemployment.
1923 - First Labour Party government.
1925 - Return to gold standard.

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The First World War Timeline
1926 - General strike.
1928 - Haig dies. Huge crowds gather.
Equal Franchise Act: votes for women over 21.
1929 - Wall street crash.…read more


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