Firsrt 3 Modules of P2

These notes are based on the first 3 Modules of P2. I hope they are useful. :)

I have made notes on all the important stuff you need to know for the first three modules of P2. If you know these points then you can easily answer exam-style questions on these three modules.

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Distance Time Graphs:

The Gradient represents Speed
A Horizontal Line represents a stationary object
Object moving at constant speed is a straightline that slopes upwards

Velocity Time Graphs:

Gradient represents Acceleration
Horizontal Line represents Zero Acceleration
Area under the line = Distance

Key Terms:

Velocity is speed in a given…

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On The Road:

Stopping Distance ­ is the shortest distance a vehicle can stop in.

Thinking Distance is the distance travelled by the vehicle in the time it takes the driver to react.

Braking Distance is the distance travelled by the vehicle during the time the braking forces acts.


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Work = Energy Transferred by a force, given by: Work done (in Joules) = force in (Newton's) X
Distance moved in the direction of the force (in metres, m).


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