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Finance and other Issues

Financial Position in 1667

Many people in parliament though Charles was trying to achieve absolutism but if he
was, there should have been some evidence for him trying to find a financial solution.
Instead Charles had acquired a great amount of debt by the end of…

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Replacement of customs farmers with paid commissioners to collect customs
revenue 1671

The system of customs farmers was abolished in 1671 and put the collection into the
hands of paid commissioners, with immediate beneficial effects for the crowns finances.

Threat of Popery and the "Stop the Exchequer" 167273

With an…

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Royal income

From 167477 royal income was at an average of £1.4 mil (not too bad Charlie!). But
Charles spending meant that debt increased by £750,000 from 167479. This was a
MAJOR ISSUE between crown and parliament. Let me paint you a word picture...

Charles "Thanks for all the money…


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