Fill in the gaps wordsearch - Alkali metals

This is a wordsearch i made for hwk it contains the main points about Alkali metals but it makes you think more because you have to fill in the gaps to know the word you are looking for... If you get me?! download it and you will understand what im on about:P hope its helpful:D:D

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The metals in Group 1 are ______ and can be cut with a knife
The alkali metals have a low ______ and can float on water
They have ______ melting and boiling points in comparison to other metals
In some cases they react ______ with water to form an ______ solution
Reactivity ______ as you descend the group
Their freshly cut shiny surface quickly ______ due to ______ and water in the air
When reacting with water, hydrogen gas is given off and the metal ______ formed
2Li(s) + ___H2O(l) 2LiOH(aq) + H2(g) (answer as word)
Sodium + Chlorine >>> Sodium ______
Potassium is more ______ than Lithium because its outer electron is further away from
the ______ so it is ______ to lose.


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