Fieldwork and research techniques for rebranding places

Here are some fieldwork and research techniques for rebranding places on the edexcel AS geography paper.

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Fieldwork and research for Rebranding Places
Environmental quality surveys- These are surveys which can
include shopping quality, street quality, landscape quality and
"Place check" forms- At a range of predetermined locations
write down what you like and don't like. Then you can take
pictures, video and audio recordings to back your view up.
"Drosscape" survey- You map where there are parts of
significant decays and dereliction.
Internet blogs and forums-These can tell you a lot about the
area with people's views. They can be biased though with only
one person saying it or a couple with the same views.
Online maps (e.g. Google Maps)- You can see what the area is
like with the infrastructure or amount of open space. Also
pictures can be uploaded which pictures have taken. These can
be biased as people can choose certain things to take pictures
of. ­ This website has pictures for the map
grid squares all of the UK. These can give you an idea of the
area but as with all pictures can be biased. ­ This gives you the ACORN rating for
an area that you choose. However the data does not give you
figures so is open to interpretation. -This gives statistics
about things like housing, health and employment.
Questionnaires- You can use questionnaires to find out people's
views about things. It would be better to use semi-structured
questions so that you can find out the information that you
want but things can come up which you hadn't thought of.
Bipolar analysis- This allows you to give on a scale information
on an area like the aesthetics of an area.
Capacity surveys- These allow you to assess the patterns of
usage for a certain facility over a set period of time.

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Census statistics- This allows you to see if more or less people
live in an area.
Tourism statistics- You can see what sort of people come to
the area, the visitor numbers and weather it is seasonal
business or not.
Air quality and pollution statistics-This can tell you if the air
quality is good or not and other pollution statistics.
Looking at texts/broachers/ leaflets- Doing this allows you to
see what sort of people they are aiming the area for and what
is being marketed.…read more


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