Fieldwork and research for crowded coasts

Here are some fieldwork and research techniques for crowded coasts on the AS Edexcel geography paper.

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Fieldwork and research for Crowded Coasts
Mapping the location of tourist attractions- This allows you
to see where the tourist attractions are located which
allows you to see whether they are located in one area or
all around.
Surveys of the age of buildings- This allows you to see the
growth of the place and the pattern.
Carrying out pedestrian count, traffic flow and car parking
surveys conducted in and out of season- This allows you to
look at the infrastructure and whether the tourism is
Land use surveys- To do this you use a large scale base map
and give the buildings different codes depending on what
they are. This can tell you about what the area is like and
where things are located.
Census data- This allows you to see the population number
and if it has changed.
Old pictures and maps- This can allow you to work out the
rate of erosion and also if the land use has changed.
Old newspapers- This can tell you if things have happened
in the area or changed. It can also tell you if the
management techniques have been successful or if any have
been put in.
Questionnaires- You should use open questions and ask at
different times of the day and year. It can tell you people's
views and ideas.
Beach pollution surveys- You can do these to work out the
state of the beach. If there is less litter then the beach
has a better quality than if there is a lot. ­ This can tell you the quality of beaches
and compare them to other beaches in the UK.

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Biodiversity/ species survey- Doing this allows you to see
the biodiversity of the area and be able to work out if it is
a high value coast due to this.
Scoring an area on aesthetics, biodiversity, amenity and
vulnerability on a scale of 0 to 5 with 5 being great value.
Find out the ways the area is affected by human activities
Evaluate the degree of environmental damage.…read more


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