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Why Fibre Glass
In Powerisers?…read more

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This is my presentation about the
use of fibre glass. I will be
focusing on the use of it in a
device called a poweriser.…read more

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What are Powerisers?
Powerisers are a device that allow the
user to bounce up to 5-6 feet into the
air. They are fastened onto the feet
and legs and they make the user
about one foot taller which is where
they get the nickname jumping stilts.…read more

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Fastenings Fibre glass leaf
spring covered
in rubber to
stop damage to
Rubber "hoof" to
stop slipping…read more

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What is fibre glass?
Fibre glass is a material
that consists of long
strands of glass fibre
that is compacted
together to make a
hard but flexible
material. It is also very
light which makes it
ideal for many things. Motorbike helmets are made
from fibreglass because it is light
but still provides protection from
falls.…read more

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How is fibre glass made?
Fibre glass is made out of really
thin glass fibres which are then
manufactured in anyone of four
ways.…read more


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