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waves transfer energy from a source to other places

waves are a regular pattern of disturbances

in a transverse wave the disturbance is a right angles to the direction of travel of the wave

in a longitudinal wave the disturbance is parallel to the direction of travel of the…

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obstacle the same size as the wavelength and the waves meet as they cross over


the image produced in the mirror is virtual, it is formed where the rays appear to come from

it is also upright an laterally inverted (back to front)

the angle of incidence and the…

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x-rays: security- checking bags at airports medical- scanning the body, see broken bones etc

gamma rays: medical- can pass through skin and soft tissue to treat some cancers, brain and heart
abnormalities sterilizing- kill pesticides in foods e.g. bacteria, clean surgical equipment

Communication using radio waves and microwaves

radio waves…

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cell voltages add up

cell current doesn't add up

In parallel circuits:

potential difference is the same across all components

total current is shared between branches

The current through a component depends on its resistance

Mains supply is AC

Battery supply is DC

Moving a magnet into a coil of…


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