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AID Muslim Against
It involves a third party (the donor) which is seen as adultery.
It enables an unmarried woman and homosexual couples to have children. Islam forbids sex
before marriage and sex outside marriage therefore is seen as wrong.
Children may be emotionally damaged when they discover that the donor is different to the
father who brought them up.
IVF Muslim For
Because it enables couples to have children, they long for only when natural conception is not
possible. IVF should only be used when the sperm of the husband and the eggs of the wife
are used in order that the sanctity of marriage is maintained.
On the other hand, some Muslims are against with IVF because it involves the destruction of
spare embryos.
Surrogacy Muslim Against
·Nearly all Muslims are against with this because it involves a third person, which is seen as adultery.
·Family identity is important.
Some Muslims believe that Allah's choice whether a couple have children or not. Accepting
childlessness can be seen as a sign of true faith.
Fertility Treatment: It describes a range of methods that are used to help women to conceive and
have children.
AID (Artificial Insemination By Donor) - When sperm from a donor is inserted into the woman's
vagina to assist pregnancy.
AIH (Artificial Insemination By Husband) - When sperm from the woman's husband is inserted into
her vagina to assist pregnancy.
SURROGACY- A procedure in which a woman agrees to carry a child conceived artificially for another
woman who is unable to do so herself.
IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) - Sperm and egg are fertilised in a lab to produce embryos; some
embryos are destroyed after 14 days.
AIH Muslim Against
Some Muslims believe that AIH is wrong as children are seen as a gift from Allah.
Some strict Muslims may also be unhappy with the idea of a doctor (stranger) being involved
in inserting the sperm into the wife's uterus.

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For: Most Muslims accept AIH to help a couple have a child. They argue that there is nothing wrong
with masturbation in this situation.
There is nothing wrong with doctors being involved in inserting the sperm into the wife's uterus
because it will, help the couple to have children. Sometimes it is essential for doctors to examine
female patients.…read more



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