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Fertilisers provide plants with essential elements
for growth:
· Nitrogen
· Phosphorus
· Potassium
Fertilisers replace missing elements or provide
This helps increase crop yield.…read more

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Ammonia (BASE) can be neutralised to produce
Ammonia + Nitric Acid -> Ammonium Nitrate
Ammonia + Sulfuric Acid -> Ammonium Sulphate
Ammonia + Potassium Nitrate -> Ammonium
Phosphate…read more

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Preparing Ammonium
The Titration Method:
1. Add a few drops of methyl orange
indicator to the ammonia ­ it will turn
2. Slowly add nitric acid from burette until the
yellow turns to red, this colour change
means all the ammonia has been
neutralised and you have, ammonium
nitrate solution…read more

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To get a solid ammonium nitrate...
Gently evaporate the solution until only a little is
left. Leave it to crystallise
But its not pure ­ got methyl orange in them, to
make it pure ammonium nitrate crystals, you
need to note down how much nitric acid it
took to neutralise the ammonia, and then
repeat the titration method using that
volume of acid but no indicator.…read more


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