Feminists Beliefs about Religion

This is the feminist views on religion

It includes sociological views and general things to take in to consideration

These notes are from the AQA A2 sociology textbook

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Feminist Theory
Religion oppresses women!!!
They are not against religion but the way religion is used against women.
Feminists see religion as an agent of social control
Religion is the product of patriarchy
The main religions are based around patriarchy
Women are controlled by religions in several ways e.g. dress code, arranged marriage,
lifestyle, education, worshipping arrangements.
Women are said to be doing the easier jobs e.g. looking after kids whilst men deal with the
religious interpretation.
Is a male. "The Christian religion is a resolutely male affair... symbolism, hierarchy, God is the father,
Jesus is the leader, Adam and Eve and the bible is written by men.
"Blessed art thou, o Lord... that I wasn't born a woman" Jewish Prayer
"For the man is the head of the house as Christ is the head of the church" Bible
"Men are in charge of women... hence good women are obedient" Qur'an
Archaeologists found that women were found in earliest figures taht were worshipped, essentially
Goddesses were found. But when Norwegians invaded England their masculine, aggressive religions
with them. These cultures were soon embraced and the old British, feminine culture was lost.
Women often hold a subordinate position in religion. Hindu and Catholicism: only male priests.
Buddhism: more senior monks than nuns. Women are often frowned upon during menstruation in
certain religions. They are not allowed to touch food within church, pray etc as they are thought to
"The Second Sex". Religion


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